Grand Theft Democracy, Part Eleven

Just when I think I’m finished, yet another voter fraud story pops up … and it always involves the Democrats.

Minnesota: As reported on FOX News (H/T: Ed Morrissey, Hot Air):

…the University of Minnesota chapter of Organizing for America, a DNC-chartered organization, … allegedly attempted to flood voting stations with illegitimate voters through the “vouching” law in the state. The organization Minnesota Majority has repeatedly warned about the vouching process, which allows each Minnesota voter to get up to 15 people access to provisional ballots and same-day registration in each election. …

No ID is required for those fifteen people, as long as they have one registered voter to “vouch” for them.

One of the few voter fraud stories that hasn’t shown up (yet) this election cycle is college students double-voting – both in their home state, and in the state where they attend college. I guess, given the collapse in their enthusiasm for the Obamessiah, that most college students could hardly be motivated to even vote once, much less twice.

Kansas: A key position for fighting or facilitating voter fraud in any given state is the Secretary of State, which is why (as I’ve mentioned before) George Soros-funded Democrats have deliberately tried to get people into that office in as many states as possible in order to rig the system. Well, in Kansas, Kris Kobach (R) specifically ran for Secretary of State on a platform of preventing voter fraud … and won with 59% of the vote.

The leftist media continues to deny that any voter fraud occurred, and are even making a joke or mockery out of the very idea.


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