Grand Theft Democracy, Part Ten

Alaska: Joe Miller (R), in the last Senate race yet to be resolved, is suing the state to enforce the “exact spelling” rule for write-in ballots. (documents)

Election law calls for write-in ballots to have the oval filled in and either the candidate’s last name or name as it appears on a declaration of candidacy written in. But election officials, pointing to prior case law, have said they plan to use discretion… (emphasis added)

This isn’t the first time rules and laws have been loosened or “waived” to Murkowski’s benefit. Also, the Alaska Public Employee Supervisors Union has been cited for improperly campaigning against Miller.

California: In the still-undecided House district 11, David Harmer (R) has claimed irregularities and is suing Contra Costa County to be allowed to challenge the signatures on vote-by-mail ballots.

Connecticut: “Sanctuary cities” New Haven and Hartford issued ID cards to illegal aliens, “ostensibly to enable them to use public services such as the library”. These ID cards also allowed the holders to register to vote. Governor-elect Dannel Malloy (D) beat opponent Tom Foley (R) by only 5,810 votes; New Haven alone issued about 15,000 of those ID cards.

Illinois: I noted previously the delays and obstruction Senator-elect Mark Kirk (R-IL) faces in assuming his place in Congress for the lame-duck session. The Washington Examiner recommends a filibuster until he is seated, and notes that Senators-elect Chris Coons (D-DE) and Joe Manchin (D-WV), winners of special elections to fill Joe Biden and Robert Byrd’s seats, will take office as soon as the session begins. (H/T: Occasional Reader, C2)

New Jersey: A city councilman from Atlantic City is facing charges – for the second time in five years – of using bogus absentee votes in an attempt to rig an election (for Mayor). Guess the party.

Texas: Blake Farenthold (R) won House district 27 by 799 votes. Incumbent Solomon Ortiz demanded a recount, after which more ballots continue to be “found” decreasing Farenthold’s lead…


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