‘Til We Found the Sea of Green

Following in the [carbon] footprints of the Army and the Air Force, U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus plans to develop a “green” aircraft carrier strike group by 2012.

Defense News – While all U.S. aircraft carriers and submarines are already nuclear-powered, the challenge lies in powering destroyers, cruisers, replenishment ships and the air wing with biofuels.

This will please those who refer to the US military as “the world’s largest polluter,” but not those who are catching on to the fact that biofuels are not the be-all and end-all of saving the environment – not to mention that it’s been known (for years) that the push for biofuels is causing an increase in world hunger:

Biofuels are conservatively estimated to have been responsible for at least 30 percent of the global food price spike in 2008 that pushed 100 million people into poverty and drove some 30 million more into hunger, according to the report, Meals per gallon, released by the UK charity ActionAid in February 2010. … The report blames the biofuels targets set by the European Union (EU), and concomitantly, the huge financial incentives given to the biofuels industry, which together, provide a powerful driver for industrial biofuels. In 2006, the EU biofuel industry was already supported by tax exemptions and agricultural subsidies to the sum of €4.4 billion. In 2008, EU member states committed themselves to a target of 10 percent of transport fuels from renewable sources (i.e., biofuels) by 2020. If the same level of subsidies continues, the industry would receive €13.7 billion per year. If all global biofuels targets are to be met, food prices could rise by up to an additional 76 percent by 2020 and starve an extra 600 million people.

All that just to allow liberals to actually feel good about some facet of the US military.

Obama’s Navy: lean and green, but not so mean. Anyway, speaking of green aircraft carriers, here’s something else I found – the USS Barack Obama:


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    World’s first solar-powered warship (H/T Soylent Green, NSFW):

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