A few months before the election I suddenly started getting regular spam from DailyKOS advancing ways and means that the Democrats could not only decrease their losses to the Republicans in the midterms, but actually increase their holdings in the Congress. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for them, did it? (Although they might ape Michael Moore’s line from 2004, “It would have been even worse without me!”) I was wondering what they’d have to say after the election. Well, here it is:

Democrats suffered serious losses on Tuesday, but no one was hit harder than the corporatist Blue Dogs. Over half their members are gone. Apparently, being the GOP’s best friends on issue after issue wasn’t the political winner they claimed it was.

Actually, they fell in line with the far-left leadership on the big ticket items (ObamaCare, Stimulus, etc.) that caused the voter backlash; but let’s not let reality interrupt Chris Bowers, Campaign Director, Daily Kos, while he’s on a roll…

But getting drubbed hasn’t made the Blue Dogs humble. Now, they have Nancy Pelosi in their sights, demanding she step down as Democratic leader in the House. The Blue Dogs want to replace her with one of their own, so they can deliver our entire party to Wall Street. Don’t let the Blue Dogs take over. Sign the petition letting Nancy Pelosi know she has your support as Democratic leader in the House. Pelosi will decide whether to run for House Minority Leader within the next week, so she needs to hear from her supporters ASAP. At Daily Kos, we will deliver your signatures to her personally, so she knows you’ve got her back. Pelosi led Democrats to historic victories in 2006 and 2008. We are confident she can reclaim her gavel in 2012.

And the rest of us are confident that keeping her as the face of the Democrat party will help to sustain the wave in 2012, when there will be a much more favorable (to the chances of a GOP takeover) lineup of Senators running for reelection. Please, please, please let the Botox Lady keep scaring the voters and children!

But to do so, she first has to ward off the Blue Dog threat. Sign the petition showing your support for Nancy Pelosi. The fight for 2012 begins NOW. Friggin’ Blue Dogs…

I’m gonna be gloating for a while here. It’s wrong, but it’s just so much fun. Especially watching the KOS list advocating exactly the wrong things to do.


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  1. PaladinPhil Says:

    Never interrupt your enemy when they are in the middle of making a mistake. LOL

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