Grand Theft Democracy, Part Six

The voting is over, but the counting and recounting are still ongoing in some areas. The results of the election were pretty much what I had expected, but far from what I had hoped. Anyway, here’s yet another collection of stories about vote fraud

California: In San Francisco, a poll worker stole up to seventy-five ballots, along with some other sundry items. Meanwhile, one hundred and fifty thousand votes have been “found” in a district in which Republican challenger Andy Vidak had won by a 2% margin. This is why beating the margin of error isn’t enough; Republicans have to beat the margin of fraud.

Connecticut: The chairman of the Connecticut Republicans has filed a complaint with state election officials, saying it was illegal for voters in Bridgeport to use photocopied ballots. Furthermore, a bag of uncounted ballots was “found” in Bridgeport, adding to the controversy in the Gubernatorial race where neither candidate has yet conceded defeat. (Added: more bungling in Bridgeport.)

Illinois: Add Jan Schakowsky (D-IL9) to the list of candidates who were illegally electioneering inside polling places.

Massachusetts: Perhaps Kitty Dukakis belongs on the list of wives who were illegally electioneering inside polling places.

Minnesota: Previously reported allegations of voter fraud involving the mentally disabled are being investigated. The games and recounts have already begun in the Gubernatorial race; the process will be overseen by Minnesota’s Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, whose office supervised the infamous Franken-Coleman recount of 2008.

Missouri: Republican Ed Martin is demanding an investigation of possible voter fraud after his 2% margin loss to Russ Carnahan (D-MO3), citing “a mathematically implausible midnight surge of thousands of votes from a handful of precincts.” Members of the St. Louis Tea Party gathered to protest.

Nevada: Apparently, Harry Reid’s campaign coordinated with the unions and casinos which pressured their employees/members to vote for the Senator. He worked hard for that title, so don’t call him “ma’am”.

Ohio: A Massillon poll worker’s car was stolen with poll materials inside. Like some of the other links in this series, this isn’t necessarily related to voter fraud – but, when there are so many incidents…

Texas: The New Black Panthers broke the law at multiple polling places in Houston.

Texas law prohibited the New Black Panthers from bursting into a polling place. They are not allowed within 100 feet of the polls for any reason except to vote or if they are credentialed poll watchers, which they weren’t. This illegal behavior was repeated at multiple polling places in Houston. [Quanell X, chairman of the local New Black Panthers] led a squad of at least five New Black Panthers, including members in New Black Panther uniforms, into Houston polling places, including precinct 202, illegally. They spoke with election officials inside this and other polling places. After these discussions, white poll watchers were either denied admittance or ejected. White election judges were also removed, under threat of calling the police for trumped-up complaints.

(H/T for some of these links goes to HillBuzz; the rest are H/T to the links themselves.)


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