Democrat-Endorsed Religious Bigotry

As always, the Party of Tolerance is anything but. They consistently and continuously spew hatred for any religion that doesn’t rhyme with “Bislam”. We already know all about the increased and increasingly open anti-Semitism on the Left, as well as the attacks on every religion (but one!) that advocated against the gay marriage Resolution Eight in California not long ago, the unwillingness to even say the word “Creator” when quoting important historical documents, and so forth. Well, the latest low comes in the form of anti-Catholic (and, needless to say, completely factually inaccurate) paid ads in Minnesota. The point of the “Ignore the Poor” as is that the Catholic Church is more concerned with gay marriage and abortion than with helping the poor, this despite the fact that the Catholic Church is THE most charitable organization on the planet. The real goal is to de-legitimize the Church’s right to even take a stand on these issues; or, indeed, to take any stand that isn’t approved by the Democrat Party.

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