Republican 2010 Victory Metaphors

Everyone’s speculating about the scale of the coming Republican victory in the midterm elections. Will they win 39 seats in the House of Representatives? 45? 60? 80? And in the confusion, everyone’s testing out different possible metaphors to describe the political and cultural effect of the Republican win, depending on its size. Will it be a “massacre”? A “tsunami”? A “generational shift”? The time has come to get this all straightened out…

In yet another public service, Zombie has created The Official Guide to Republican 2010 Victory Metaphors, a table to let us know how to refer to the results of the 2010 midterm elections, based upon the net increase of seats won in the House of Representatives by Republicans. (Senate and Gubernatorial races are not considered, nor was any serious thought given to the scenarios advanced by KOS and Johnson in which the Republicans lose additional seats to the Democrats.) We’ll see soon enough which term applies.

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  1. artist Says:

    and already kicking ass…right out of the house! Republicans are sweeping out the governors mansions and close to tied in the Senate

  2. artist Says:


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