Charles Lollar (R-MD5)

I’m looking forward to casting an early ballot for him tomorrow. (Video H/T: Jim Hoft, GP)


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  1. Missy Says:

    Saw your link at Gateway, I posted on this yesterday morning at Flopping Aces for the benefit of the readers there, hoping there might be MD voters reading through comments. It was in one of Skookum’s blog posts, don’t remember the title.

    Lucky you, wish I could cast a vote for such an honorable man, I can proudly vote for my Rep, Don Manzullo but, will hold my nose for Mark Kirk hoping the Tea Party movement will keep him in check.

    Best to your blogging and that fortunate vote you get to cast, our country needs the Major desperately!

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      After months of watching all the other states having fun, running candidates to topple incumbents, I was thrilled to see signs that I might be able to participate in kicking one of the bums out, too. The odds are still against him, in this bluest of the blue states, but I’ll be proud to cast a vote for Major Lollar and I’ve already supported his campaign!

  2. anarem Says:

    A most impressive candidate…good luck to him.

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