Without Light Bulbs, How Do We Get Ideas?

Enviroweenies have had the humble incandescent bulb in their sites for some time now. They will be phased off the U.S. market beginning in 2012 under the new energy law just approved by Congress, and the EU has also banned them. Some people, who like to make their own choices about what to buy and use, are obviously upset about this (and have been stockpiling them while they’re still for sale). There’s no argument about their inefficiency, but there are certainly concerns about what we’re being offered in their place. Those new fluorescent lights contain poisonous substances (mercury) within their all-too-fragile and easily broken spiraling bulbs, making some people remarkably reticent about bringing them into their homes. LED lights seem a much better option than either incandescent or fluorescent bulbs (except maybe for traffic lights), but are currently still prohibitively expensive. Many people would rather stick with incandescent bulbs for the time being, regardless of what their overlords tell them to think…

Enter a company named Heatball to fill the need in Germany. According to Reuters, they “have come up with a legal way of importing and distributing 75 and 100 watt light bulbs – by producing them in China, importing them as ‘small heating devices’ and selling them as ‘heatballs’ … because the inefficient old bulbs produce more warmth than light – he calculated heat makes up 95 percent of their output, and light just 5 percent – they could be sold legally as heaters.” “The company’s sold out its first 4,000 Heat Balls in just 72 hours.” (H/T I Hate the Media and I Own the World)


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