One Nation, Under Astroturf

Yesterday, it was the extreme left wing’s turn to throw a rally in DC, in an attempt to surpass the Beck/Palin “Restore Honor” rally… to prove that there was no “enthusiam gap” (H/T: “KOS Laughs At Chuckles”, DoD) and to motivate the “whining” (H/T: Joe Biden) Democratic base of FNCB progs (H/T: Mandy Manners) in the run up to the November mid-term elections. By all accounts, this Obama-backed rally was a complete failure. Although both rallies billed themselves as “non-partisan”, the rally yesterday was a hate-mongering affair organized by communists and terrorist sympathizers and attended by a diverse crowd of unions (H/T: Ace of Spades). In fact, the attendees were union members ordered to attend and bused to DC for the purpose, simply to provide a large number of attendees to stage a propaganda event.

I had considered showing up to take pictures and check it out in person; but I was afraid I might catch something – and I also didn’t want to help beef up their attendance numbers (since each person in the area was being counted by the media and left-wing bloggers as fifty people). However, I did go into Washington, DC, later in the day after the rally broke up and the people were leaving, and I did make a few observations. What I saw on the DC Metro were organized groups (people with identical union-mass-produced t-shirts and signs) generally following a leader telling them where to go (directing them through the Metro system and back to their buses). I resisted the urge to also tell them where to go, since some of them were SEIU thugs. I noticed that the “One Nation” t-shirts I saw had a different logo from the one announced, probably because of all the mockery that one received (although nowhere near the level of ridicule received by the new Democrat logo). I also saw signs and other detritus (like a copy of a socialist workers newspaper) abandoned on trains, in stations, and in the Metro parking lot, which as we all know is typical for when moonbats congregate. So, all in all, no surprises there.

I wonder what kind of state Stewart and Colbert will leave the capital in when they host their shindig just before Election Day.

UPDATE: In addition to paying, transporting, and even feeding union members in order to pump up the crowd size, high school students were required to attend and received credit for being there. And with all that, they still failed to reach the numbers Beck/Palin achieved with people who voluntarily attended and paid their own way to be there.

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  1. theMachiavellian Says:

    thanks for the pingback!

    Can you just imagine what the press would be doing if the Tea Party had a website and say, the Aryan Nation was a cosponsor of a Tea Party Rally?

    Yet, here we had a Democratic event, sponsored the frackin Communist Party of the USA, among other far left, anti-American groups.

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      I thought they already assumed that Aryan Nation was involved in everything the Tea Party (and the state of Tennessee) did. If a Tea Party event were ever to be actually linked in the real world to aryans and neo-nazis, the MSM would just have to make up an even worse lie to report.

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