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Grand Theft Democracy, Part Four

31 October 2010

We’re up to part four, and we haven’t even hit November yet. You may want to look back at the previous posts in this series, since I went back and updated all of them multiple times before moving on to the next entry… so you may not have seen everything in there.

Colorado: Massive voter fraud is being perpetrated by the same SEIU-linked Mi Familia Vota organization that’s been caught filing thousands of bogus voter applications in Arizona.

Kansas: The issue of voter fraud, Kris Kobach (R) claims is widespread, was debated between the candidates for Secretary of State. It’s an important issue, given that the Secretary of State is the one who validates the election results for the state (which is why the George Soros-funded Secretary of State Project has been trying to get as many fraud-friendly Democrats into those offices nationwide as possible).

Maryland: Union members were threatened with punishment if they didn’t campaign for Democrats and work Election Day polls.

Massachusetts: Several types of voter fraud are being observed (H/T: HillBuzz); much of it benefiting state Attorney General Martha Coakley (D), the same woman who was trounced by Scott Brown for the seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy.

Minnesota: Anti-fraud groups sued over the ban on wearing “Please I.D. Me” buttons into polling places, given that “these buttons are not about any specific political candidate, party or ballot question” and therefore the ban “is outside state law and a clear violation of our First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.”

Missouri: In fifteen counties there are more registered voters than there are people eighteen and older, according to the Census. (That’s up from 2008, when there were only twelve counties with greater than 100% voter registration.)


Grand Theft Democracy, Part Three

29 October 2010

The Department of Justice has sent out election monitors to eighteen states (none of which is Nevada)

Arizona: in Yuma County, the GOP has found that one in four last minute voter registration requests are bogus, which is on top of the “hundreds, if not thousands” of fake registrations already found.

California: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) may have violated campaign finance laws by making threats against left-wing groups if they didn’t spend more money and go on the air more in defense of the indefensible Democrats.

Maryland: A federal court ruled that “it is a violation of a soldier’s constitutional rights to not receive his complete ballot on time. The court ruled that the John Doe officer stationed in Iraq had standing to sue based on deprivations of their constitutional rights. … This means that military members need not wait on the bureaucrats in Washington, DC, at the Justice Department to sue.” This is, of course, a good thing because we know that the current DOJ have absolutely no intention whatsoever of protecting the military’s right to vote. (H/T: C2)

Minnesota: The audience laughed out loud when Rep. Betty McCollum (D) claimed during a debate that there wasn’t a problem with voter fraud in this country. Well, I’m sure she doesn’t have a problem with it, since so far it’s all being done by her party.

Nevada: Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said Wednesday that “he has ‘reconciled’ five discrepancies in early voting alleged by Republicans this week. [Five? Is that all? -RM] But Lomax, appearing at a news conference called by Secretary of State Ross Miller to calm fears of voting irregularities, would not say how he has cleared up the discrepancies. … ‘This kind of feeding frenzy we’re experiencing right now I think is unjustified,’ Lomax said. ‘I can see where the flames are getting fanned by certain people.’ ”

North Carolina: The GOP is suing the State Board of Elections, “alleging that touch-screen machines are thwarting efforts by voters to cast Republican ballots.” It’s nice to see the GOP fighting this; the way they’ve rolled over recently letting Al Franken and others cheat their way into office has only emboldened the Democrats. Lawyers are like nuclear weapons: we all hate ’em, but as long as the other side has ’em, we need ’em too. (H/T: C2)

Texas: The New Black Panthers have announced that they will be acting as poll watchers in Houston. What could possibly go wrong?

Utah: voting machines were left unattended overnight in an office building lobby.

Virginia: Democrats in Arlington have to be reminded yet again that giving anything to people in exchange for voting is illegal. Yes, even beer.

Grand Theft Democracy, Part Two

29 October 2010

Alaska: The state Supreme Court blocked a lower court’s ruling and rewrote the state’s election rules at the eleventh hour in order to help write-in candidate Lisa Murkiewhatsit split the Republican vote.

California: Call-Me-Senator Barbara Boxer (D) “encouraged Los Angeles teachers to offer their students extra credit if they volunteer for her campaign”; this is, of course, in violation of California law.

Nevada: Not only are unions busing their members into the polls to make sure that they vote, they’re watching them as they vote to make sure that they vote democratic. (H/T: Ace of Spades) An attorney for Sharon Angle (R) has accused Senator Harry Reid (D) of trying to steal the election.

Pennsylvania: The Bucks County Board of Elections is holding a hearing today to consider Republican-backed allegations of absentee-voter fraud against Democrats.

Republicans are asking that all absentee ballots be preserved unopened until an investigation is conducted. District Attorney David Heckler has opened an investigation, but says his focus for now is preserving the evidence until after the election. Board of Elections Director Deena Dean said her office was inundated last week with more than 100 calls from voters saying they were confused about a Democratic mailing they had received. The mailing, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, told recipients that their “participation in the forthcoming election may be placed in jeopardy” if they did not return an enclosed application for an absentee ballot. Included was a postage-paid envelope, addressed to a “Voter Assistance Office” at a post office box maintained by the Democrats in Bristol. … The Republican-backed petition accuses Democratic campaign workers of fraudulent activity. Some voters contend they were asked to sign applications on behalf of relatives. One woman said someone applied for a ballot in her name, even though she had tossed out her application when it arrived in the mail.

Texas: Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) was the only one on the ballot in a few locations in Dallas County. In another Texas district, challenger Fernando Herrera’s (R) name was missing from the ballot. Sheila Jackson Lee, fresh back from illegally campaigning and harassing people at polling places, has the supreme gall to ask the DOJ to go after the Tea Party monitors at the polls for voter intimidation – not because anyone with half a brain (which excludes Ms. Lee) believes the Tea Party are actually intimidating voters (unlike, say, the New Black Panther Party), but because they’re actually witnessing and reporting the illegal behavior perpetrated by leftists (up to and including Ms. Lee herself).

Wisconsin: the above billboard in Milwaukee was attacked by various leftist “community groups” because accusations of voter fraud were “intended to intimidate people from voting.” Common sense says that it would only intimidate people from voting illegally, something leftist “community groups” know all about, as they tried to get a bill rushed through the legislature in Wisconsin that appeared specifically designed to make such fraud easier for them.


The Senate vs. The Wave

27 October 2010

Although the GOP’s takeover of the House looks inevitable (barring massive fraud, of course), not many people seriously expect the GOP to capture the Senate as well. It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely. The reason for that is that Senators serve six-year terms (as opposed to the two-year terms served by Representatives); so in any given election year, only a third of the Senate is up for re-election. And, this year, the particular third that’s up for re-election isn’t the most favorable for the GOP – the Congressmen most vulnerable to challenge are those Democrats who were elected in 2006 and 2008, in normally conservative districts, who managed to ride the anti-Bush or Obama hopey-changey coattails to win their seats. Those are the candidates most vulnerable in the House; but in the Senate, those candidates won’t be up for re-election until 2012 and 2014. This is why it’s vital for the GOP, the Tea Party, conservatives, independents, and so forth to keep up the momentum in the future that’s fueling them today. Because the same momentum that’s going to cost some Democrat Senators their jobs next week could cost even more Democrats their jobs in years to come.

In a related story, which can be classified as a “feel-good” story or an “if only!” story, The Raw Story* reports that if the full Senate really were all up for re-election this year, according to polls, the GOP would likely win overwhelmingly. Not just the sixty seats required to break any Democrat filibuster, but possibly even the sixty-seven required to override a Presidential veto. (The latter point wouldn’t matter unless the House won a similar majority.)

*H/T: Lisette at HillBuzz.

Democrat-Endorsed Religious Bigotry

27 October 2010

As always, the Party of Tolerance is anything but. They consistently and continuously spew hatred for any religion that doesn’t rhyme with “Bislam”. We already know all about the increased and increasingly open anti-Semitism on the Left, as well as the attacks on every religion (but one!) that advocated against the gay marriage Resolution Eight in California not long ago, the unwillingness to even say the word “Creator” when quoting important historical documents, and so forth. Well, the latest low comes in the form of anti-Catholic (and, needless to say, completely factually inaccurate) paid ads in Minnesota. The point of the “Ignore the Poor” as is that the Catholic Church is more concerned with gay marriage and abortion than with helping the poor, this despite the fact that the Catholic Church is THE most charitable organization on the planet. The real goal is to de-legitimize the Church’s right to even take a stand on these issues; or, indeed, to take any stand that isn’t approved by the Democrat Party.

Grand Theft Democracy, Part One

27 October 2010

Arizona: The state mandate requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote was struck down by the liberal Ninth Circuit Court just in time for the election. Massive voter fraud by an offshoot of SEIU (you’ll see a lot of them in this post) has also been uncovered.

Florida: Widespread abuse of absentee ballots was discovered when police raided Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry’s office and seized his computer. He’s been arrested and is facing charges.

Illinois: Several states can’t be bothered to send absentee ballots out to our troops overseas in a timely manner, but Illinois adds insult to injury by hand-delivering ballots to prisoners (who are far more likely to vote with their colleagues in the Democrat party than the military are). In addition, mail-in ballots are being sent directly to and handled by the Illinois Democratic Coordinated Campaign. Finally, add to the number of Democrats illegally campaigning within the bounds of a polling place: Michelle Obama, the First Beard.

Nevada: In Clark County, the ballots on the voting machines have Harry Reid’s name pre-selected by default. The voting machine technicians there just happen to be represented by hyperpartisan SEIU, and the Chairman of the Clark County Commission just happens to be Harry Reid’s son Rory (who’s also running for Governor). It’s also illegal to buy votes with money or goods, but that’s not stopping Harry Reid! (Didn’t stop Michael Moore either.)

New Jersey: A top union official was caught on tape discussing voter fraud. These people are unprosecuted and still running things.

New York: In Troy, DNA is being collected from Democrats on the city council to prove voter fraud.

North Carolina: In Craven County, multiple people who voted for a straight Republican ticket on the voting machines had their ballots showing up as straight Democratic votes. Also, in Havelock, the machines were only showing 250 ballots cast even though four hundred people had signed in to vote. I can only speculate on which ballots are being lost, but so far most of these “isolated” “irregularities” seem to be coincidentally favoring Democrats, a statistical impossibility if mere malfunction or chance were involved.

Pennsylvania: In Bucks County, Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy’s campaign has been allegedly linked to a scheme to flood the county voter registration office with fraudulent applications for absentee ballots. Murphy’s campaign manager mailed out absentee ballots with prepaid envelopes sending them to his personal P.O. box.

Texas: In Harris County, allegations of fraud and misconduct have already arisen at early voting, including illegal electioneering within 100 feet of the polls by SEIU, people told they “had no other choice to vote but straight Democrat”, and Republican voters turned away while Democrats are allowed to vote. One machine in Texas only allows votes for the Green Party.


What’s The Buzz?

23 October 2010

For local commentary across the country, HillBuzz is posting field reports written (and commented on) by people on the ground at various states. I’m keeping my eye on a few states I’m familiar with, like Maryland and Virginia.

Republican 2010 Victory Metaphors

21 October 2010

Everyone’s speculating about the scale of the coming Republican victory in the midterm elections. Will they win 39 seats in the House of Representatives? 45? 60? 80? And in the confusion, everyone’s testing out different possible metaphors to describe the political and cultural effect of the Republican win, depending on its size. Will it be a “massacre”? A “tsunami”? A “generational shift”? The time has come to get this all straightened out…

In yet another public service, Zombie has created The Official Guide to Republican 2010 Victory Metaphors, a table to let us know how to refer to the results of the 2010 midterm elections, based upon the net increase of seats won in the House of Representatives by Republicans. (Senate and Gubernatorial races are not considered, nor was any serious thought given to the scenarios advanced by KOS and Johnson in which the Republicans lose additional seats to the Democrats.) We’ll see soon enough which term applies.

Charles Lollar (R-MD5)

21 October 2010

I’m looking forward to casting an early ballot for him tomorrow. (Video H/T: Jim Hoft, GP)

Without Light Bulbs, How Do We Get Ideas?

20 October 2010

Enviroweenies have had the humble incandescent bulb in their sites for some time now. They will be phased off the U.S. market beginning in 2012 under the new energy law just approved by Congress, and the EU has also banned them. Some people, who like to make their own choices about what to buy and use, are obviously upset about this (and have been stockpiling them while they’re still for sale). There’s no argument about their inefficiency, but there are certainly concerns about what we’re being offered in their place. Those new fluorescent lights contain poisonous substances (mercury) within their all-too-fragile and easily broken spiraling bulbs, making some people remarkably reticent about bringing them into their homes. LED lights seem a much better option than either incandescent or fluorescent bulbs (except maybe for traffic lights), but are currently still prohibitively expensive. Many people would rather stick with incandescent bulbs for the time being, regardless of what their overlords tell them to think…

Enter a company named Heatball to fill the need in Germany. According to Reuters, they “have come up with a legal way of importing and distributing 75 and 100 watt light bulbs – by producing them in China, importing them as ‘small heating devices’ and selling them as ‘heatballs’ … because the inefficient old bulbs produce more warmth than light – he calculated heat makes up 95 percent of their output, and light just 5 percent – they could be sold legally as heaters.” “The company’s sold out its first 4,000 Heat Balls in just 72 hours.” (H/T I Hate the Media and I Own the World)

So Much For Your Oath To Defend It

14 October 2010

“I think the Constitution is wrong.”
–Rep. James McGovern (D-MA3). (H/T: Breitbart.TV)

What a Ham

14 October 2010

Islamic Center Defaced with Bacon Slices (H/T: IMAO):

AP/CBS — Officials are investigating an Islamic center in South Carolina defaced when someone spelled out “PIG CHUMP” in bacon slices. … Mushtaq Hussain is one of the center’s founders. He says he’s sure whoever brought the bacon to the center was trying to anger those who worship there but that he’s not afraid. (emphasis added)

Wow. I’m so glad to hear that the big man isn’t afraid of the bacon rising up and attacking him.