Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

According to Matt Lewis (H/T Hot Air):

Brian Stelter, who reports on TV and digital media for The New York Times, sent out a tweet the other day that drew lots of attention… “Fox, as we all know, has biggest audience in prime time. But among African Americans, it’s smallest – 29k vs. 134k for CNN, 145k for MSNBC.” This of course, played into the “Fox is racist” meme, and, not surprisingly, Stelter’s words were retweeted many times (and also inspired several media blogs to further discuss Fox News’ lack of diversity). Interestingly, though, the media site where Stelter primarily blogs (New York Times’ Media Decoder) suffers from the lowest percentage of African-American readers (4.6%) when compared to comparable media sites like Mediaite (5.8%), Gawker (6.4%), Mediabistro (9.2%), etc. Maybe he should have checked that first?

As others (MSNBC, NAACP, etc.) have learned, he who lives by fraudulent claims of raaaaacism will eventually die of fraudulent claims of raaaaacism.

5 Responses to “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”

  1. Running Bare Says:

    Awesome LOL. I love zingers like this…

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      And since they’re the ones who set the “rules” of the “debate” in the first place … demographics equals racism … they truly have no one to blame but themselves when they get hoist on their own petards.

  2. Fenway_Nation Says:


    So what time is Kleagle Stetler’s Klan meeting?

  3. squatch Says:

    Oh, c’mon. It’s like totally not the same thing, since they’re fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Liberal Way.

    But instead of some inner reflection, all we’ll get is side B.

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