Another Racist Group

iOwnTheWorld has collected pictures of the known Journolist conspirators – the ones advocating and perpetrating false charges of “racism” against anyone they disagree with – and just check out the diversity…

Check out the comments, too. I almost stole one of them (“Liberal Media: The other white meat.”) for the title of this post. Of course, one of the things that jumps out at me whenever I read excepts from Journolist, the writings of these professional highly-educated media mavens, is how many spelling and grammar errors they contain. Did they learn anything in journalism school besides Marxism and Alinsky?

3 Responses to “Another Racist Group”

  1. Fenway_Nation Says:

    What? Journo-list doesn’t matter…..Brietbart…Breitbart Breitbart racism Breitbart Breitbart Fox News Breitbart Breitbart Breitbart Breitbart USDA Breitbart Breitbart….

    /our ‘betters’ in the unbiased media

  2. squatch Says:

    They’re not white.
    They’re light-skinned have no grammatical errors unless they want to.


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