Obama’s Primary Election Fraud

Here’s filmmaker Gigi Gaston on Fox & Friends this morning, calling for an investigation into the fraud and voter intimidation Obama and his campaign engaged in back in 2008 and promoting her documentary We Will Not Be Silenced 2008. (H/T: HillBuzz)

All the things that happened during the general election (voter intimidation by the New Black Panther party, etc.) had previously happened in the Democratic primary, where the party apparatus rolled over Hillary supporters in a premeditated effort to give Barack Obama the party nomination. And, like the Obama voter intimidation and fraud that happened in the general election, nobody was interested in investigating the incidents which occurred during the primary. Well, until now.

The story needs to get out and heads need to roll.

Update: The whole documentary can be seen on YouTube. At least, until Google notices the criticism of their Glorious Leader and takes it down.

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  1. trishothinks Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me at all, Obama had all the media backing him, and I would bet if we could see his transcripts and all his personal documents that are currently legally blocked from being viewed, it would be revealed that he would never have been allowed to be a candidate for the presidency. He is a usurper, and a tyrant. Period.

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