Scratch Another Item Off Of His Resume

And here I thought Obama might have actually done something before he was elected President, something for which all records weren’t sealed and hidden from the public. For a couple of years, a rumor has been going around that Obama appeared (at almost exactly the minute mark) in Tag Team’s 1993 video “Whoomp There It Is”:

Apparently last month White House spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield announced that “It’s not him.”

3 Responses to “Scratch Another Item Off Of His Resume”

  1. pirhana Says:

    LOL, all anyone needs to do is download a current picture (minus the rainbows and unicorns) of Obama from the same angle and do a photoshop overlay.
    Teeth, nose, chin etc. it all lines up, so unless, HEAVENS FORBID, there are TWO of them that IS Obama in that video…

  2. squatch Says:

    Blingbling, bitches.

  3. The Osprey Says:

    It’s not Obama. The mole above his nostril is missing.

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