Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee

Apparently, some people think that the mayor of Bordentown, New Jersey really sucks. At least, that’s the philosophy behind an anonymous blog called (the domain name really says it all). I don’t know enough about Mayor James E. Lynch Jr. to quantify exactly how much he sucks (he’s not important enough to have his own page on WikiPedia, at least), but he’s certainly lacking in a sense of humor, a sense of perspective, common sense, and who knows what else; because he’s trying to shut the blog down. (H/T: ZDnet Government)

…Mayor Lynch was so upset about the Web site that he managed to pass a town council resolution (which passed 2-1…) demanding the Web site be shut down. Not only does the resolution demand Bluehost (the Web site owner’s ISP) take down the site, it also calls for hiring a special attorney to go after the site owners. …

Predictably, all Major Lynch is accomplishing is to give the web site more traffic and more publicity. People across the state (and beyond) are hearing about how this mayor “really sucks”; and the drive to censor the free speech of constituents who disagree with him certainly isn’t helping his public image. (And even if the blog is forced to come down, it’ll still live on forever in the other sites that mention it, and the archives at Google.) Of course, this being New Joisey, the anonymous blogger is lucky that the mayor isn’t just putting a hit out on him. (Or a fatwa!)

As amusing as this is, and it certainly is amusing – at least, when acted out on a small-town stage – it’s also a chilling example of authority figures who will brook no dissension or criticism (or anything that contradicts their narrative) from “the little people”. You know, the great unwashed; the ones who need to sit down, shut up, and keep paying our taxes and re-electing our incumbents. It’s an attitude which is held by far too many people, and not just on one side of the political spectrum – the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan “Campaign Reform” Act is just one reason (of many) why I did not, do not, and never will support or speak kindly of the political career of John McCain. The current (Democratic) leadership is full of it (and I mean “full of it” in every possible colloquial manner). The President avoids answering questions as much as possible, attacks any in the media who don’t hew to the party line, and has criticized people for watching “the wrong news channel”. PJTV’s Andrew Klavan expands on this, and concludes:

“Watch for that Fairness Doctrine. Beware of Net Neutrality. Pay attention to the ways that the liberal mainstream news media distort, mock, insult, and exclude the conservative opposition. Listen to the people they don’t want you to listen to. And whatever you do… don’t shut up.”

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