The Cover-Up’s In Place; Will It Hold?

The White House has been avoiding the topic of the alleged felony offense of offering a position to Rep. Sestak to back off from opposing Sen. Spectre; but when Obama was asked about it point blank at his recent (practically only) press conference the other day (and the loquacious President spent less than 30 seconds dodging the subject), it was obviously time to throw together a cover story. The story? Bill Clinton was asked to make the offer. I guess they figure that since Clinton isn’t President anymore, it’s not a problem if he makes a hypothetical offer because he has no power … However, if he’s speaking for the White House, he’s just as guilty as if Rahm Emmanuel or Axelrod had done it. He’s still speaking for the White House, and he wouldn’t be making an offer like that without their specific knowledge and consent. So the questions of Who approved the offer? and What did Obama know? and When did he know it? are all still in play.

Of course, if you want to create a cover up, and you don’t want it to look like a cover up, it helps if you don’t meet with Bill Clinton and coordinate with Joe Sestak and his brother immediately beforehand to make sure everybody has their stories straight. The cover up is on, and even if Barack Obama was not involved in the original offer to Sestak, he is involved up to his protruding ears in the cover-up. And as Richard Nixon could have told him (and as Bill Clinton should have told him) it’s the cover up that gets you.

Here’s more from Hot Air. Funny how Sestak, who was being so coy for months about who made what offer, is suddenly saying “Oh yeah, that’s how it happened.” One has to wonder if Bill Clinton was the best patsy the White House could get… Couldn’t they at least have tried to get someone who wasn’t already famous for lying under oath?

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