50% – I’m Doing Better Than Obama!

So far, four of the people for whom Obama has personally campaigned, putting his (alleged) prestige on the line* … have all lost when they went up before the voters. Arlen Specter (Whatever-PA) was the most recent. Well, I recently made small donations to a small group of Congressional candidates (none of them incumbents, BTW) and now two of them have faced the voters – and I’m one for two. Charles Djou (R) has won a special election in Hawaii, the district where Obama grew up. Not quite as historic as Scott Brown capturing the seat which formerly strained under the bloated carcass of Ted Kennedy, but still the first Republican to win a Hawaiian Congressional seat in twenty years. Let’s see who else I can support…

*My wife reminds me not to forget the Chicago Olympics when tallying Obama’s “successes” in campaigning.

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  1. pirhana Says:

    It doesn’t take much to do better….

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