Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Pakistan has blocked Facebook and other sites today, either to protect their citizens’ delicate eyes from seeing horrendous blasphemy, or so that they can later lie about what cartoons were posted. (More on the fakes.) Apparently this was unnecessary in any case, since I’m told Facebook took down the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” group. (I cannot verify this, as I don’t use Facebook.)

“There comes a point in any society’s existence where it must ultimately, to paraphrase Martin Luther (who himself was more than happy to see opponents put to death), dig in its heels and say here we stand, we will do no other. We don’t need to be perfectly consistent philosophically or historically or theologically to assert what is special and unique not just about the United States, with its bizarre and wonderful articulation of the First Amendment, but the greater classical liberal project comprising not just the ‘West’ (whatever that is) but human beings in whatever town, country, or planet they inhabit. And at the heart of the liberal project is ultimately a recognition that individuals, for no other reason than that they exist, have rights to continue to exist. Embedded in all that is the right to expression. No one has a right to an audience or even to a sympathetic hearing, much less an engaged audience. But no one should be beaten or killed or imprisoned simply for speaking their mind or praying to one god as opposed to the other or none at all or getting on with the small business of living their life in peaceful fashion. If we cannot or will not defend that principle with a full throat, then we deserve to choke on whatever jihadists of all stripes can force down our throats.” –Nick Gillespie (H/T: AllahPundit)

Well then…

The first is a rather amateurish pencil sketch that was whipped up in about ten or fifteen minutes. The second image is that same picture, after being subjected to a rather poor attempt at coloring.

“This is not an argument over the right to be ‘provocative’ or ‘offensive’; rather, is it something much more significant – an argument over who gets to determine what counts as provocative or offensive in the first place.” –Zombie (RTWT!)

There are more Mo drawings over at Weasel Zippers. (Warning! NSFW content!)

Added: Also at The Jawa Report: 1, 2.

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