A Letter from Tim Burns

Once again, yesterday’s primary and special elections foretell of gloom and doom for progressives, especially those for whom President Obama campaigns (he is now 0 for 4). They only had one bit of good luck, in Murtha’s district in Pennsylvania – and even there, the Democrat (one of Murtha’s old staff) only won because he portrayed himself as a pro-gun, pro-life, small government conservative. I know I’m not the only one who didn’t believe that for a second (I donated money to his Republican opponent), but he apparently fooled enough of the people this one time. Still, here’s the letter that Tim Burns, the Republican candidate, sent out today to his supporters:

Thank You

It was truly a sight to behold. It was humbling to have support from not only around the district, but all around the country. We had contributions from all 50 states, and volunteers from as far away as Walla Walla, Washington.

The entire country got behind this race because of what it represented. It represented a battle between bigger, more intrusive government that is spending away our children’s future – and liberty, freedom, personal responsibility, and a belief that small government is good government.

Although we didn’t win this election, we have not yet lost the fight to save this nation. There are a number of bright spots in this election.

First and foremost, this election is a prime example of the willingness of Americans from around this country to rise up, get involved and fight to preserve this great nation. This movement has not, and must not end with this election.

I am also encouraged because even though Mark Critz is a Democrat and a career Murtha staffer, he won this race claiming to be a conservative. He told us he was pro-life, pro-gun, for reducing taxes, for balancing the budget, and against the healthcare bill.

It doesn’t matter that he worked and I believe will continue to work against these principles. He still ran away from the Obama/Pelosi agenda, and campaigned as a fiscal and social conservative.

Yes, he fooled the voters, but he cannot escape them when he votes from now until November. And we must realize that it is commonsense conservative principles that Americans want.

In addition, the environment will be much better for Republicans in November. There was a reason that our Democratic Governor picked the May 18th Primary as the date for the Special election. He knew that the democratic primary would likely draw out more democratic voters – which it did. In November, Republicans will have the upper hand, having a strong statewide ballot with Tom Corbett and Pat Toomey.

In addition, Critz will have a voting history we can talk about. Even though he claimed he was a conservative in this race, I have every reason to believe he will vote with Nancy Pelosi this summer. And that will not sit well with voters here in the 12th Congressional district in November.

The environment will be better in November and Critz will have voted with Pelosi by then. Obama will continue to motivate the conservative base by advancing his liberal agenda. We WILL BE STRONGER and I will be ready to take them on again in November. But I cannot do it alone. I will need your help. I will need your continued support. This country depends on it.

Please feel free to email me your thoughts, and thank you SO MUCH for your support in this campaign.

Tim Burns

I look forward to supporting him again in November. And if he’s right – and I believe he is – that Mark Critz will show his true colors this summer once he’s sworn in; well, just remember what happened and is continuing to happen to alleged “moderate” Democrats like Stupak. The country doesn’t want any more big government progressives in the Congress and they know it. This is why they have to lie and pretend to be blue dogs while campaigning.

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