“Biggest Bomb on Broadway”

For my own reference and amusement, a few things I saw this morning about Faisal Shahzad, the attempted car bomber whose motivations remain a complete mystery to this day … to the mainstream media.

See also this web-only SNL sketch about the Times Square car bomber holding a press conference. My favorite, though, is Mark Steyn’s article which compares Faisal’s attempt to create “the biggest bomb on Broadway” to Mel Brooks’ The Producers.

He gets a parking space right next to Viacom, owners of the hated Comedy Central. But then he gets careless. He buys the wrong fertilizer. He fails to open the valve on the propane tank. And next thing you know, his ingenious plot is the nonstop laugh riot of the Great White Way.

Just remember that we’re only able to laugh about this today because he failed – and he failed in his attempt not because the government was on the ball, but due to sheer dumb (accent on the word “dumb”) luck. But as Ann Coulter points out, “hoping their bombs don’t work” might be the current administrations best (or only) plan, but it’s hardly a good one. Maybe “all of the really good [suicide bombers] are gone“; but even if that were the case, sooner or later the luck will be on their side. Again.

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