Try Embedding in Reality for Once

CNN “embedded” reporters with the recent Tea Party Express, and discovered – to their shock, but not to the shock of anyone not blinded by left-wing propaganda – that not all tea partiers are racists! Goodness! Unfortunately, the story is still heavily slanted, opening as it does with a complete and utter baldfaced lie…

Here’s what you often see in the coverage of Tea Party rallies: offensive posters blasting President Obama and Democratic leaders; racist rhetoric spewed from what seems to be a largely white, male audience; and angry protesters rallying around the Constitution. Case in point: During the health care debate last month, opponents shouted racial slurs at civil rights icon Georgia Rep. John Lewis and one person spit on Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver. The incidents made national headlines, and they provided Tea Party opponents with fodder to question the movement. [emphasis added]

The slurs, the spit – that didn’t happen. Period. So, while it’s a departure from the year-long narrative for CNN to admit that “maybe some tea partiers aren’t racists”, the article still opens with and carries on the message that all of the rest of them are. So, rather than a major reversal and an acknowledgment of reality on CNN’s part, this merely represents an extremely minor concession… Because, by now, the general populace knows damned well that there is no truth to the statement that “all tea partiers are racist”; so CNN thinks they can continue the smears if they merely make the cosmetic change of declaring that “most tea partiers are racist”. Meanwhile, the rest of us can take some pleasure in the admittedly exaggerated but still closer to accurate statement that “most CNN viewers have changed the channel to FOX News.”

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