What Part of “Scorched Earth” Do You Not Understand?

It begins: GOP inching away from campaign to repeal ObamaCare

The thinking is that it won’t play well in some states, like Illinois, where the GOP’s got a shot at an unlikely pick-up, so rather than push some monolithic “repeal it” message nationwide, they’re going to let local candidates decide how much they want to push it or not. Which is politically savvy, but not a big confidence-booster in terms of their determination to roll this thing back should they get the numbers in Congress to do so. …

Well, that didn’t take long! I was just commenting to Realwest yesterday, when he posted the “good news” that some GOP Senators are pushing a bill to amend ObamaCare to remove the penalties against veterans on TriCare. My response to “And YES, that is very good news!!” was:

I dunno about that. Our reps should be working ceaselessly to KILL ObamaCare, not to amend the rough edges of it. To do so indicates an acceptance of it, a willingness to work with it, and a surrender to it.

I stand by those words and I saw the collapse coming – I’m just surprised it’s happening so quickly. Given that the poll numbers for Obama, the Democratic Congress leadership, and ObamaCare are all in the toilet, this would appear to be an obvious slam-dunk issue for anyone living on planet Earth (in other words, outside the DC Beltway). But the “Stupid Party” has always had a gift for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Apparently, they like being a permanent minority party (until they’re outlawed outright).

Iowahawk gives the timeline for the rest of the year in Re-publicans.


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