Tea For…

I made my way into DC for the Tea Party rally in front of the Capitol. I couldn’t stay there all day, but I did spend a few hours listening to the speakers, talking to other attendees, cheering and yelling, and shooting pictures and video.

The Metro parking lot was almost full, as was the station. The lines were long and slow, as there were many people there from out of town who hadn’t ridden the Metro before.

From the signs, t-shirts, and conversation, it was clear that most of us were going to the same place (albeit by different routes – I stayed on the green line and got off at the Archives-Navy Memorial station).

One of the things I passed while walking from the Metro to the Capitol was the Newseum, which has the first Amendment to the Constitution writ large on its face. A good omen, says I.

Oh yeah? Well I was anti-Obama before it was a banning offense!

And there it is, the US Capitol, up ahead. A building which, like the seat inside which formerly supported Ted Kennedy’s giant drunken socialist ass, belongs to the People, not the congresscritters who inhabit it.

Just this once, I could forgive the apostrophe.

“Hey, Republicans! In November, Slaughter Rule the Impeachment process!” Boy, it was great to get home and read that that farce had collapsed and that there really would be an actual vote – although, on the other hand, passage of the bill by unconstitutional means would have made it easier to oppose and repeal the thing (or get SCOTUS to kill it). The Slaughter rule received a great deal of scorn from the speakers and the attendees.

It was somewhere between 11 and 11:30 when I arrived, before the listed starting time. Still, there was already a big crowd (well over the 2000 that NBC apparently reported) which continued to grow, overflowing the Senate lawn and spreading out across the street and onto the Mall. Michelle Bachman was speaking when I got there.

This person had a sign with the names of all of the people she was representing… Which makes a change from the people inside the Capitol, who have only been representing themselves of late.

I didn’t see a single swastika all day (although there was an Obama/Hitler photoshop on the Impeachment papers being handed out by supporters of lunatic Democrat Lyndon LaRouche), but there were a plethora of hammers-and-sickles. Of course, unlike the swatika, it’ll be harder for the MSM to portray people carrying these symbols as supporters of the symbol, rather than using the symbols to make a statement about Obama, the Democrats, and/or Health Scare.

I wonder who those guys up on the balcony were, watching the rally from behind and above. Congressmen? Staff? Republicans? Democrats? Just dudes taking a smoke break? (I never got a good look at the stage, by the way, but I did record a few videos which will at least allow you to hear what the speakers were saying, if they come out. I haven’t played any of them yet. The reason why the quality of these pictures drops after the fifth one is that I switched from my camera to my camcorder. I brought both.)

We did think Carter sucked. And we were right. We just didn’t expect to see the worst President in two centuries get outdone so soon.

Here’s a view facing backward. In addition to the many “Don’t Tread on Me” flags were a number of state flags, representing where various groups came from. However, to indicate distress, some of those flags were hanging upside-down. (Of course, with some state flags, you really can’t tell the difference.)

At least two of the speakers were doctors, both representatives from Georgia, if I recall correctly. The doctors in Congress, as well as the doctors without, are against ObamaCare (unlike the stooges standing behind the president in white coats that came straight out of the White House’s wardrobe).

Note that the overwhelming majority of signs are hand-made. This is how you can tell the difference between a conservative grass-roots event, and a liberal astroturfed event – they all carry hundreds of identical union-made placards. (One speaker got a laugh by asking, “How many of you are being paid to be here?”)

Got to have a George Orwell reference, in this case Animal Farm. I can’t wait to hear how the usage of pigs is Islamophobic. Behind it is another sign with a broom stuck through it reading “Time to clean up Congress!” On the other side of the broom sign was “Nancy Pelosi, here’s your ride home!”

“Grandma is not shovel ready.”

That’s a big hand. (The other side of it, facing the Capitol, was painted red. A number of signs had a red-hand motif, as in “Hands off our Health Care!”)

This was taken as I made my way back out of the crowd. I was only able to stay for a couple of hours, so I missed the storming of the representatives’ offices and the ring around the Capitol, or whatever else happened later. (Someone suggested that the crowd surrounding the Capitol should be blowing trumpets and marching around it seven times…)

No, seriously. Tell us how you really feel.

It was interesting coming down from the event and getting back on the Metro to head home. The train I got onto for the return trip had a lady carrying a huge “Barack Obama” bag, and a dude wearing a Yassir Arafat “peace scarf”. DC is still DC.

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  1. snowcrash Says:

    Really nice Robo. Thanks.

  2. Urban Infidel Says:

    Great photos! Thanks for going. I wish I could have been there too.

  3. pirahna Says:

    I have a trumpet you can borrow. We marched in Savannah back when the tea party was, according to the MSM, just a handul of malcontents.

    All I can say is, that is one big f**ing hand!

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      I’m pretty sure yesterday was still just a handful of malcontents according to many. Right now I have a bit of a fever, so what I really need to find is my cowbell.

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