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I guess I didn’t miss much after I left (see my pictures and account of today’s Tea Party event in DC here). According to Mark Hemingway at The Washington Examiner:

As part of today’s rally to stop the Democrats’ health care reform legislation thousands of protesters descended on the lawn of Capitol building. But many more were also using the occasion to visit the their congressional representative and tell them what they think of the bill. However, Capitol Police recently stopped allowing any of the peaceful protesters to enter into congressional buildings.

There were tens of thousands of people there, actually. One of the speakers told the crowd that NBC was reporting two thousand people at the Capitol, and suggested that they were getting their numbers from the same people who claimed that ObamaCare would reduce the deficit. In another example of the MSM making things up about today’s protest, CNN’s Capitol Hill reporter Dana Bash reports today of personally witnessing [racial and gay] epithets being used towards John Lewis (D-GA) and Barney Frank (D-MA) by protesters that had been identified earlier as “Tea Party people.” Naturally, there is no evidence in any of the footage broadcast to support this allegation; and lacking that, he had no business making the claim.

Anyway, here are more pictures, from HillBuzz, InstaPundit, Gateway Pundit, and Michelle Malkin.

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