Any Way You Slice It

According to Politico (H/T: JCM) the poor staffers are upset at the quality of food in the House cafeteria.

Staffers are so unhappy with the “value meal” offerings at House cafeterias that lawmakers spent much of a hearing last week grilling the House’s chief administrative officer about them.

My, there’s a productive use of Congress’ time! Good thing they don’t have anything more important on their plates right now! But seriously, another section of the story leapt out at me:

The value meals – five bucks and change for a meal and a drink – are supposed to appeal to lower-paid Hill staffers who can’t afford to pop for more expensive lunches, such as sandwiches that go for nearly $8 a la carte. But staffers complain that there’s not enough variety in the value meals – and that the quality is less than they’d get at the same price from a fast-food chain.

Really? You can get better products for less money in the private sector than you can from the government? Sounds like a teachable moment here! Unfortunately, I’ll bet that this light bulb didn’t go on over a single representative’s head.

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