Don’t Know About Him, But I’m Cross

For those few of you who were living in a cave, among the many things the virulently pro-Obama media did during the 2008 election was to take every possible opportunity to run photographs of Obama with some sort of “halo” behind his head – be it his personal trademark symbol, a spotlight (cameramen were seen moving around trying to get just the right angle to frame these shots), and so forth. A search for Obama halo on Google Images returns “about 635,000” results – almost five times as many results as you get with the Obama unicorn painting search (so you know this is serious). Well, just as Obama and the Democrats in Congress are doubling down yet again on getting their health rationing plan passed, the MSM (led by The New York Times) is doubling down on their Obama-as-Messiah imagery with this gorge-rising photoshopped picture:

The article spends more time (all of it, really) worrying about what impact the passage or rejection of the bill will have on Democrats in Congress and the Messiah in the White House and none on the actual merits of the bill (or lack thereof). The shell game continues, as they first tried to use Obama’s popularity to sell America a bill of goods, and have now switched to a “save Obama” (His ego’s too big to fail!) strategy to push the bill through. Of course, the funniest part of the article comes right at the beginning…

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, had a little political advice last week for President Obama and the Democrats: Don’t pass the president’s health care legislation because you would risk losing in the midterm elections. Mr. Obama laughed about it afterward. “I generally wouldn’t take advice about what’s good for Democrats” from Mr. McConnell, he told an audience in Pennsylvania.

Ah, if only Democrats (including The New York Times) weren’t constantly offering “advice” to the Republicans; and if only there were a shortage of Republicans like John McCain who eagerly lapped up said “advice”.

4 Responses to “Don’t Know About Him, But I’m Cross”

  1. babbazee Says:

    They will say the cross is a meant as healthcare symbol in this “art” not a christian one

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      Given the extreme ignorance the NYT has shown on the subject of religion in the past, that would almost be a credible defense. (“What? The cross is a religious symbol? Really? News to me! I thought the only religious symbol was the crescent moon!”)

      Or, perhaps that cross is meant to be a plus sign, to symbolize the way that this thing is going to increase the deficit, increase government control over all of our lives, increase the number of people dying due to poor or absent medical coverage, et cetera.

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      Can’t go wrong with Monty Python quotes.

  2. babbazee Says:

    they will say it is the white cross representing health

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