There’s a Communist in the White House

I know that video’s already made the rounds and you’ve all (both of you) probably already seen it; but I want to save it here for future reference – I’ve showed it to lots of people, and I can think of more who need to see it. And just to include some original (yet related) content in this post, and serve as a warning to Scott Brown, here’s a new motivational poster:

5 Responses to “There’s a Communist in the White House”

  1. pirahna Says:

    Were you hinting the ‘both of us” should sign in?

  2. DustBunny Says:

    I’ll have to look at your video when I’m on my computer. Can’t see it on my BBerry. Love the poster.

  3. pirahna Says:

    The wookiee reads it over my shoulder often…

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