Face the Music

Where I work, we’ve already been lectured about various “security issues” involved with social networking sites – threats involving viruses, espionage, risks to one’s security clearance, so forth – before the IT folks simply blocked some or all of those sites altogether. Apparently, the IDF has not been as pro-active, according to Haaretz.com:

The Israel Defense Forces called off a raid in Palestinian territory after a soldier posted details, including the time and place, on the social networking website Facebook, Army Radio reported on Wednesday. The soldier – since relieved of combat duty – described in a status update how his unit planned a “clean-up” arrest raid in a West Bank area, Army Radio said. … The Israeli military spokesman’s office had no immediate comment. …

We need a modern-day equivalent of the old “loose lips sink ships” warning – “Loose bytes end fights”? “Post your status and the enemy is at us”? In any event, I’m not even on Facebook anyway; and every story I read about them makes me less likely to ever join up.

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