Obama: Shaken and Stirred

Something which has gotten very little comment (that I’ve seen, at least) is the result of his most recent physical. Most reports claim that he is in excellent health (probably true) and that he ought to give up smoking (also true; in fact, he’d sworn to his wife that he was quit when he got elected… yet another of the countless broken promises). However, buried at the very end of this Guardian article is the sentence

The doctors also recommended “moderation of alcohol intake”.

I can’t imagine doctors telling someone to moderate – not quit, mind you, but moderate – their alcohol intake unless there was a serious quantity issue involved, no doubt with some effects on his health already evident. I mean, surely it’s not his fault if all of the water that he touches turns into wine on the way to his lips (ah, the hardships of messiahhood) but surely this is yet another sign that he is not coping well with his Imperial will being questioned and thwarted by the peasants and rabble who clearly don’t understand that he knows what is best for them. It’s also a sign that as things get worse for him in 2010 – as they almost inevitably will – that he may get even less stable and less connected to reality… and this is absolutely no laughing matter.

Regardless, for now at least, I plan to laugh at it anyway. “If I wanted a drunk in the White House I’d have voted for myself,” quoth I at C2; “I know I would rather have a drunken monkey up there than what we have,” replied Spenser. How hard do you think it would be to get that question added to the next Rasmussen poll? Can you imagine the media reporting – or, more likely, going out of their way not to report – results like these: “63% of likely voters said today that they would rather have a drunken monkey in the White House than Barack Obama. Only 15% were strongly against simians serving in the Executive Branch, and they were all branded speeeeeciesists by PETA.”

“Spending like a drunken sailor.” This isn’t actually fair, since drunken sailors only waste their own money.

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