Palin by Comparison

Updates have been light recently as work and my personal life take up more of my time, but I’m still trying to at least keep up with the news… if only so that I know what’s really happening, as opposed to what my liberal friends are saying. Sarah Palin has been back in the media with appearances on FOX and her speeches to CPAC and the Tea Party, so naturally she’s receiving plenty of argumentum ad feminem attacks from the left who can’t be bothered to listen to what she’s actually saying, much less honestly respond to what she’s saying. In addition to the “she’s so dumb” stereotypes that are thrown against all conservatives (because in their eyes, by definition, anybody intelligent would have to be a liberal and vice versa) are the continuing comments about her “experience” or lack thereof. Here’s a news flash:

People also keep saying that “she won’t actually run in 2012” or, if she does, “she can’t possibly win.” Clearly, the left does not believe either of these statements, or else they wouldn’t be making her the star of their daily five minute hate sessions. If they really thought that she couldn’t possibly win, they’d be doing everything in their power to make sure that she was the GOP nominee… you know, like they did with guaranteed loser John McCain.

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