Democratic Ego Inflation

MMX Flex poses the following question:

In case you haven’t heard … President Obama’s new budget includes a big increase for the Smithsonian Institution. The museum complex will receive a record-breaking $797.4 million in 2010. Apparently, $761.4 million in 2009 just wasn’t enough. With so much of our money going here, it got us thinking – is the Smithsonian Institute fair and balanced?

I thought that the Smithsonian’s liberal bias was “settled science”, given the way they’ve been caught putting a left-wing anti-American spin on many exhibits – which blew up in their face when they tried to use the Enola Gay exhibit on the fiftieth anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing to “[depict] Japanese as victims” of a United States “motivated by vengeance” (the script, which went through many revisions due to public and Congressional scrutiny and outrage, also “unilaterally … reduc[ed] by 75 percent the estimate of American casualties that would have resulted from an invasion of Japan”).

“Do you want to do an exhibit to make veterans feel good, or do you want an exhibition that will lead our visitors to think about the consequences of the atomic bombing of Japan? Frankly, I don’t think we can do both.” –Tom Crouch, NASM curator

Anyway, to answer their question, MMX Flex “visited the popular Portraits of the Presidents exhibit at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in downtown Washington and snapped a few pictures.” Visit MMX Flex‘s page to see the pictures; all of the recent Democratic presidents have huge portraits, while the Republican presidents have only modest, standard-sized portraits … at best.

A portrait of President Nixon hangs on the opposite side of the Carter wall. The Nixon portrait is quite small (we were unable to find a smaller presidential portrait in the gallery) and dimly lit. Probably just a coincidence … Or maybe this is what they meant by “warmly intimate.”

One commenter mocked the “inflation” received by all of the Democrats, particularly Carter; but the bias is clear to see. If they could get away with it, would they be airbrushing the Republicans out of history entirely, like the Soviet Union famously did to their people who fell by the political wayside? As part of this phenomenon, consider also the massive “cult of personality” portraits of Obama which cover the walls of the White House, making it “almost a shrine to Obama.”

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