A Kennedy-Free Congress?

Professor William A. Jacobson, over at Legal Insurrection, has selected a new target in the wake of Scott Brown’s (R-MA) election to the Senate: Patrick Kennedy Must Go.

Patrick referred to Scott Brown’s swearing-in as a “joke,” which has sparked the inevitable “the joke is on Patrick” comments in light of a recent poll showing Patrick with high negatives and in a vulnerable position. Most people, however, do not go much beyond Patrick’s caricature in understanding his long history of arrogance, abuse of his family’s power, and generally nasty demeanor towards opponents. … Patrick has come to symbolize the arrogance of power in which one can verbally abuse airport screeners, trash a boat, get into an argument with a female companion such that the police were called, and almost kill a Capitol policeman while driving under the influence, yet get away with no punishment either in the judicial system or at the polls. … We cannot let the First Congressional District in Rhode Island turn into “the Kennedy seat.” Not with this Kennedy.

A Congress free of Kennedys… “Can you even imagine it?” they’re asking at HillBuzz. “It’s easy if you try,” in the words of John Lennon.

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