The Latest Liberal Pledge

The latest idiocy from “Rock the Vote” is a pledge to “flirt with” but “not fuck”, anyone who is against ObamaCare. They’ve gone from blue states to blue balls. Pajamas Media has a great article, “ObamaCare Rocks the Dolt Vote“, and here’s a clip from FOX News on the movement (or lack thereof):

Among the many, many reasons I’m mocking this not-as-funny-or-edgy-as-they-think-it-is idea is that, first of all, my wife is as free of Obamessiah brainwashing as I am; so I’m not risking anything by continuing to oppose a hostile takeover of our health care which will drive costs up and drive both “health” and “care” way down. Secondly, as I just posted in yesterday’s “Won’t Get Fooled (So Easily) Again” (along with a picture of an actual real-world liberal who’ll actually want to have sex with you, unlike those Hollywood “Rock the Vote” airheads that you’ll never get near no matter how you vote), liberal propaganda and bribes just aren’t working for them anymore. They really should be falling back on the actual facts and trying to make a reasoned argument – but they can’t. They know damned well, and always have, what a loser this bill is which is why, from the very beginning, they have been using smoke and mirrors, artificial haste, secrecy (not letting anyone read the bill, keeping the discussions off of C-SPAN), lies, bribery, and extortion to try to ram this thing through as fast as they can, before anyone catches on and tries to stop them. Regardless of the polls saying that most Americans don’t want this, regardless of recent elections which were made into referenda on Obama (in which Obama himself campaigned for the Democrats, who lost every time), regardless of the Constitution itself, they simply refuse to back down from their glorious dream of bringing socialism to the masses. And, as many have observed, one can no longer honestly use the term “moderate Democrat”. Every single one of them has supported this outrage, which is why every single one of them has to go.

I was really happy to find that FOX News clip above, because I really really didn’t want to embed the actual “Fuck the Vote” (they might as well call it that) as in my blog. It was painful enough seeing it once. I didn’t recognize any of the people in it, but they are allegedly comic actors whose awkward behavior in this badly-staged propaganda is neither particularly comic nor particularly good acting. In fact, it’s the sort of horrendous “acting” which typically wins awards in Hollywood because the “message” the actors are supposed to be conveying trumps any actual ability (or lack thereof) on the actors’ parts. However, if you are so inclined, “Rock the Vote on Health Care” is here on YouTube; but I recommend that you immediately pause the video and just read the comments which are overwhelmingly negative. Here is just the most recent one, as I type this, by someone called Izzymandius:

You could rock the vote by reading the bill. But then you might actually find that the death panels aren’t quite so false. You could rock the vote by doing enough research to know that the “obscene profits” that insurance companies rake in are below the profit margins for other industries (4% on average) and that medicare-affiliated insurers have the highest rates of refusal. That’s right, government health care is the one refusing coverage.

Rock the Vote claims to be non-partisan, but it is just as much a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party as NOW, NAACP, and a whole sting of other allegedly non-partisan acronyms. By (mis)using this claimed status, “Rock the Vote” is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. It needs to be investigated, audited, charged, fined, and stripped of its tax-exempt status (which some people have been calling for since the 2008 elections, if not earlier).

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