Victims of the Chicago Machine

I read HillBuzz for a while during the (endless) Democratic Primary in 2008, as my disgust with both Obama and McCain was doing what I would have previously thought was impossible – making Hillary Clinton look good. HillBuzz was started by some supporters of Hillary Clinton who were trying to fight the smears and bias the media were heaping on her in order to promote their candidate, Barack Obama. After Obama obtained the nomination through means fair and foul, they gave their support to McCain. They were always an interesting read, even if I didn’t always agree with what they had to say. Well, I lost track of them after the election, but it seems they continued blogging … and continued blogging against President Obama. This brought them attacks and death threats from their “friends” on the “tolerant Left”, who even outed them by revealing their heretofore private identities (putting them at personal risk as well as costing them work). Read more about the threats, extortion, and attempts to shut them down here, which only became more rabid as they opposed ObamaCare and supported Scott Brown. I’m adding them to my reading list, the link’s to the right…


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