Media Bias Against Hot Redheads

I generally avoid entertainment and fashion “news”, so I didn’t really pay any attention to stories about someone at The New York Times criticizing the appearance of an actress I’ve never heard of from a show I’ve never watched. However, the latest “twist” to the tale is that the NYT‘s website, as part of their multi-layered dedication to accuracy and facts, decided to (rather obviously and badly) photoshop her “thinner” for their web page. “Well, while not quite on the same scale as photoshopping additional smoke over the Beirut skyline during the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict of 2006, seems like a page out of the same playbook,” commented Not Another New England Sports Blog. You’d think someone would have learned the lesson by now about how easily fauxtography is discovered, and how much it damages your credibility (well, that only applies to media sources that still have any) when it’s discovered… and stop doing it.

3 Responses to “Media Bias Against Hot Redheads”

  1. pirhana Says:

    Actually, at first they ‘made’ her thicker…maybe they were thinking of me!

  2. Fenway_Nation Says:

    Kind of telling that even the bigger and ‘distorted’ Hendricks was still just as hot.

    The powered up dress might cause seizures in the unwary, tho’.

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