Frank, ‘n Further

Barney Frank: GOP Afraid To Stand Up To “Teabaggers” On Health Care (MSNBC Video, via Real Clear Politics; H/T ↪Turn). Amazing the projection here. He claims that the GOP are afraid to support ObamaCare because they don’t want to face and lose to “tea-baggers” (yes, he uses that term, and he of all people knows exactly what it means), and it’s the fear of and control by extremists that is guiding their opposition to ObamaCare. Given recent events in Barney Frank’s own state of Massachusetts, anyone with the slightest grasp of reality would conclude that it is the Democrats who have the most to fear from the electorate for their ObamaCare stances, not the GOP. Furthermore, in order to get those magical sixty votes in the Senate, wasn’t it the extremist Democratic leadership that had to lie, cheat, bribe, and extort their members in order to get them all to vote FOR ObamaCare?

I think we can forgive Barney Frank for forgetting about that. As his own personal scandals attest, he doesn’t know much about how other people manage to control their members…


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