The Liberal Reaction to Scott Brown’s Victory

Hot Air has plumbed the depths of the liberal blogosphere (DU, Kos, HuffPo) so that we don’t have to, and has collected a few stellar examples of overreaction from the “educated elites” (who can’t spell or punctuate) to this victory of the “idiocracy”. Even Roger Ebert’s reponse (“Massachusetts to Teddy: ‘F**k you.'”) is included. Just goes to show ya…

Scott Brown: because Democrats hate Brown people. (Dedicated to Kanye West.)


7 Responses to “The Liberal Reaction to Scott Brown’s Victory”

  1. BabbaZee Says:

    Sorry. Teddy can’t hear Ebert over all the wailing and gnashing of teeth and roaring flames.

  2. BulgarWheat Says:

    I’m sure it’s all that spinning Turbo Teddie’s up to


  3. DustBunny Says:


  4. DustBunny Says:

    P.S. Wearing brown today =D

    (except panties and bra are red)
    I feel great inside and out.

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