Zombie Does Anything But Drone

Zombie hits another one out of the park with the latest missive from the undead, CodePink’s War on Drones.

CodePink serves a useful function in American politics: if you want to know what the sensible political position is on any topic, just look at what CodePink opposes, and that’s what you should support. They operate as a sort of all-purpose Antipodal Political Indicator, invariably occupying the point exactly opposite the sweet spot on the political sphere. It is therefore noteworthy that over the last couple of months CodePink has turned its rosy attentions to something unexpected: drones. Not the stingless little honeybee kind of drones, but the pilotless aircraft the military uses – and these can carry quite a nasty sting indeed. Though it has received very little (if any) attention from the media, since November CodePink has waged an all-out anti-drone campaign, embarking on protest caravans to drone control centers, staging hunger strikes outside Creech Air Force Base in the Nevada desert from which many drones are remotely piloted, and hanging anti-drone banners off freeway overpasses in Berkeley and elsewhere…

Those of us who remember how effective CodePink were at getting the United State to unilaterally surrender and withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Europe, North America, the planet Earth, etc.; will no doubt be concerned that they have now turned their big pink guns upon the even bigger and deadlier (albeit far less pink) Air Force drones used to make precision attacks against the “bad guys” “over there” with little risk to our own personnel who sit in air-conditioned rooms pulling the trigger by remote control. (There’s still a man in the loop; this ain’t SkyNet.) Zombie explains why the drones are so effective, and dissects exactly why they’re giving CodePink such a case of the vapors. (Hint: The reasons are already listed in this paragraph. They are effective in killing bad guys, and they reduce the number of our own troops killed.) Not to mention, according to their manifesto: (Liberals love to use the word “manifesto”. Why haven’t they insisted on changing it to “personifesto” yet?)

Some DRONES are armed with bombs; some ‘only’ spy. Companies are racing to make DRONES that can drop biological and chemical weapons; utilize nuclear, lazar, microwave weapons.

I have no idea what a “lazar” is, apart from a character in The Fiddler on the Roof – which means that, if I were inclined to use Liberal Illogic, I could cite this as “proof” of anti-semitism on the part of CodePink. The word is “LASER“, it’s an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, and they’ve been in existence for longer than I’ve been alive… Which means that, if you can’t spell it correctly, you have as much credibility as Doctor Evil when he makes finger-quotes every time he says the word “laser”.

Besides, you don’t need a drone for nuclear weapons. Drones are precision instruments. Nuclear weapons just have to be detonated in the general vicinity of the bad guys, and we already have cruise missiles that are more than adequate for that task. Clearly, Code Pink just wanted to drop as many scary buzzwords into their personifesto as they could fit; they should have taken the time instead to check their spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Yes, I know that a spelling/grammar flame is one of the lowest forms of rebuttal possible on the internet, but I really can’t be bothered to give CodePink too much more effort than they’re worth.

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