Looks Like We’ll Need a Bigger Vote

From JCM at C² comes the news that Federal Court Rules That Washington Inmates Should Be Allowed to Vote – And, By the Way, That the Entire Justice System is Racist. File that under “Desperately buying Democratic votes every way they can before the 2010 elections.” Look forward to massive swearing-ins of new citizens as well, like Al Gore’s “Citizenship USA” in 1995-6:

One of Gore’s attempts to improve government produced such confusion that thousands of people became citizens without adequate background checks, the Justice Dept. says in a new report, and “compromised the integrity” of the INS process. [But] the report said there is no evidence that the 1996 election motivated the crash program. Under the crash “Citizenship USA” program, a part of Gore’s government reinvention effort, about 1.2 million people were given citizenship from Oct. 1995 to Sept. 1996, [with the intent of] eliminating a massive backlog of nearly 500,000 citizenship cases at INS. The waiting period for citizenship had been as much as three years. The investigators found that the crash program put quantity over quality. The INS had processed applicants so quickly that in many cases citizenship was granted before the INS received criminal background checks from the FBI. But the report said there was no way to determine how many unqualified individuals gained citizenship.

It was awfully nice of the Bill Clinton’s Justice Department to assure us that Bill Clinton’s re-election had nothing to do with swearing in as many new Democratic voters as possible. Obviously a lot of people thought otherwise, or the Justice Department wouldn’t have needed make any such ex cathedra announcement. Look for similar scams in the coming year, possibly marketed as “amnesty” so that John McCain (*spit*) will climb onboard to give it the glow of bipartisanship.


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