Remember the Dinosaurs

Snork has provided a pair of links from the The Guardian, a British propaganda rag trying desperately to shore up the dying Anthropomorphic Global Warming beast. The first is about the plight of freezing mountain people in Peru, and the article goes out of the way to toss in completely unsubstantiated claims that stories like this are the exception that proves the rule of global warming:

In a world growing ever hotter, Huancavelica is an anomaly. These communities, living at the edge of what is possible, face extinction because of increasingly cold conditions in their own microclimate, which may have been altered by the rapid melting of the glaciers.

By my estimates, the vast majority of the Northern Hemisphere is currently composed of completely unrelated “anomalous microclimates” which are suffering from record cold even as the rest of the world (because, you know, it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere) grows hotter. Whenever any part of the world is warmer than average (which will always be happening somewhere; this is how averages work) it’s proof of global warming; whenever the any part of the world is colder than average (and how can cold be responsible for “rapid melting of the glaciers”?) it’s an anomaly. As I responded on 2.0, all warming is global, all cooling is local.

Another story, trying to stir up the “we must act now before it’s too late!” panic yet again, is Climate change scepticism will increase hardship for world’s poor: IPCC chief. All those evil skeptics, who have absolutely no reason to be skeptical whatsoever (that Hadley CRU story? Totally bogus. Because we said so, that’s why!) are holding up progress on the drive to destroy the world’s economies in the face of a non-existent threat. This time, however, they are playing the “world’s poor” card, to show what mean, heartless, cruel people these “skeptics” are; while the truth of the matter is that any global warming treaty will do absolutely nothing but increase the number and misery of “the world’s poor.”

Climate change scepticism is likely to surge in 2010 and could exacerbate “hardship” for the planet’s poorest people, one of the world’s leading authorities on climate change has told the Guardian. Writing on today, Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, also dismisses suggestions that he is personally profiting from policies to tackle global warming.

Oh, of course not; nobody but nobody has a profit motive to spread this BS. The mainstream media still hasn’t gotten it through their thick skulls to the walnut-sized brains within that they are no longer the gate-keepers of information. They think that as long as they pretend ClimateGate never happened, or just deny that it means anything, that the problem will just go away. However, the story is not going away. If the media refuse to report the truth, the people will just get it from another source. The ClimateGate story hit the world like a giant asteroid, and those cold-blooded Eco-profiteers who fail to realize this are only setting themselves up for extinction.

Big fat lizards should think twice before ignoring signs of global cooling.


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    bah to the humbug on them all

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    I am the only one who loves you Robo LOL

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