Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…

It wasn’t just Al Gore’s global warming that’s responsible for all of the snow jobs coming out of DC and blanketing the rest of us. Here’s a recap (H/T: Gateway Pundit) of the arguments leading up to the passage of the  Stimulus  Porkulus bill that was supposed to save us from double-digit unemployment, was much too important to be actually read before passage (like ObamaCare), and resulted in Barack Obama losing more jobs in 2009 than any president in modern history.

You may recall that billions of dollars of “stimulus” were spent creating jobs in Congressional districts that did not even exist. Well, it turns out that those dollars spent and jobs created are also happening in non-existent zip codes (H/T: Hot Air). It’s almost like the Obama Administration expects the mainstream media to completely neglect any fact-checking of their figures (too busy with Palin’s book), or to report any obvious discrepancies that anyone else finds. It’s not just that this is the most dishonest and corrupt administration ever, but that they don’t even bother trying to hide the fact.

Anal extraction: where Obama gets his figures on jobs and spending.

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