Conservative Movies

I got this list of The Top 10 Conservative Movies of the Last Decade from C², where commenters were shocked that there even were ten. The list does not include some other obvious contenders, like Team America: World Police or An American Carol; both of which I own. Anyway, of the ten, I’ve seen five (boldfaced); and I’ll sticking the list here for future reference. (Click on the Telegraph link for descriptions of the movies and reasons for their inclusion on the list.)

  1. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Peter Weir, 2003)
  2. Black Hawk Down (Ridley Scott, 2001)
  3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Peter Jackson, 2001, 2002, 2003)
  4. Gladiator (Ridley Scott, 2000)
  5. The Pursuit of Happyness (Gabriele Muccino, 2006)
  6. The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan, 2008)
  7. The Hurt Locker (Kathryn Bigelow, 2009)
  8. Hotel Rwanda (Terry George, 2004)
  9. The Lives of Others (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, 2006)
  10. 300 (Zack Snyder, 2007)

Addendum: I thought I had done well seeing half of the above list (and all of them in the cinema, which is distinctive since I hardly ever see movies in the cinema anymore), but then I looked at the runners-up. I’ve only seen a single one of those: The Passion of the Christ (although I do own the first Narnia movie on DVD, I still haven’t watched it yet). I own some, but not all, of the movies I’ve seen on that list on DVD (which is how I’m more likely to see movies these days).

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