Eco-Snoop: Report Your Neighbors with a Free iPhone App!

Apparently, they’re legit; because this is their website <>. Snork, who posted this video to 2.0, commented:

I’m not a fan of Apple, and while I suspect their senior management would think this is great as long as it’s not aimed at them, this isn’t their work. [emphasis mine] But this shows you the totalitarian mind of the radical environmentalist. Big Brother is here, and he’s green.

Apple and only Apple gets to decide what apps will run on the iPhone (and they reserve the right to change their minds and delete apps from your iPhone at any time – this is reason enough for me to never want one of the things); and, according to the video, EcoSnoop is carried as a free download in their iTunes store. So while Apple Computer may not have actually created this monstrosity, they both approved it and they’re distributing it.

BTW, aren’t these the same proggies who insist that a constitutional right to privacy emanates from some penumbra somewhere? And as Anthony Watts points out, this could backfire if someone catches Michael Mann leaving his Escalade idling or if Gavin Schmidt is reported having an affair with a ton of coal.

Like free speech, the attitude of progressives toward privacy is “it’s for me, not for thee”. And I can’t even boycott Apple over this, because I already stopped giving them any money many years ago. I already have no intention of ever owning an iPhone, and the last time I owned a Macintosh was in the 90s.

In any event, I hope Al Gore’s “visible from space” mansion ends up on there.

Addendum: JCM at C² reminded me that Al “ManBearPig” Gore is on the Board of Directors at Apple Computer, Inc.

Addendum II: I’m told by Pi Guy (C²) that it’s getting trashed in the reviews in iTunes; but I can’t open that link because I don’t have iTunes installed. I’ve had bad luck with Apple software in Windows in the past and don’t have any of it. (Not even Quicktime; you can get compatible QT drivers that don’t stick memory-resident apps in your taskbar on startup whether you want them there or not.) He also provided this PJTV short: Silencing Dissent? There’s an App for That.

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  1. pirahna Says:

    I wonder how many images of Al Gore’s home have been uploaded?

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