Tori Amos Will Run as a Republican if Sarah Palin Does

Apparently starved for attention, singer-songwriter-victim-of-society Tori Amos, who needs  no  quite a bit of introduction to the C² regulars discussing this, announced:

(ANI) “If Palin runs again, I’m going to run on a Republican ticket. What I know about Middle Eastern policy could fit on a thumbnail, but I still know more than she does. …”

At least she’s honest about her own ignorance, even if she’s bought into the common if completely inaccurate Palin-as-moron MSM meme. Good luck for her even getting onto a Republican ticket, mind you; but if she ever did, then she’d just split the leftist vote with whoever was running on the Democratic ticket, leaving the way clear for a conservative third-party candidate. She’s certainly a stranger to irony, as she continued with “You have to ask, how could a nation nearly vote in somebody who isn’t qualified for the job?” before singing (if such a verb can be applied to her warbling) the praises of Failure-in-Chief Barack “I’ll give myself a B+ even if no one else will” Obama…

The Spark hitmaker insists she feels more positive about the future of the country with US President Barack Obama. “I’m a lot more hopeful. The [George W.] Bush years were really difficult times if you were an American who loved your country,” she said.

Whereas the current year has just been hunky-dory for all of those Americans who have lost their jobs, and the rest of us who are looking forward to a drastic rise in the withholdings from our paychecks at the expiration of the Bush tax cuts as well as the massive hit we’ll all incur over ObamaCare and all of the other redistribute-the-wealth schemes of the kleptocrats currently running the USA. Still, it’s not like yet another well-paid performer with no contact with the real world has to worry about such trivialities; that’s for the proles to concern themselves with.

“Having someone now that so many people respect doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be problems, but so many problems have been left behind,” she added.

Seems like she hasn’t been paying any attention to the polls either, wrapped up in her fact-free liberal cocoon. Miz Amos is but the latest, and certainly not the last, who needs “Just shut up and sing” tattooed across her body somewhere.

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