Obama’s Racist Fruit

People continue to scour the world for any possible racist criticism of Barrack Hussein Obama. This is a Turkish apricot ad which has caused some controversy since the commercial features Barrack Obama to promote the darker variety of apricots – because these apricots are darker, Obama is black, etc. There are people out there on the net making a big deal about this.

The verdict of these commentators? The ad is not racist for two reasons:

  1. The commercial is Turkish. If it were an American corporation, racism would be automatically assumed; but the Turks were just assumed to not understand the nuances of political correctness and racism. That is in itself condescending PC racism, which comes as little surprise.
  2. The ad does not actually say anything negative or critical about Barrack Hussein Obama, so it therefore isn’t racist. We know this, because racism is defined and any criticism or disagreement with the man or his plans. (Give him a canal and we can try to build a palindrome.)

The last debate I had with a certain blog maintainer before being banned was my insistence that any criticism of Obama (or his wife, or their behavior/policies) is not, in and of itself, automatically racist and based in racism. He insisted on a dichotomy, where either you agreed that all criticism of Obama was racist or you were denying that racism in the right (always just the right, naturally) existed, with no gray area allowed for actual policy disagreement.


6 Responses to “Obama’s Racist Fruit”

  1. Spenser Says:

    Ah yes, the infamous Straw Man logical fallacy. Ironically used frequently by highly logical “science-loving” people. “So, you are saying that there is no racism on the right in this country?” “Um… no, I’m not. Could you answer my question?” “Racist!”

  2. midwestgak Says:

    LOL. A funny banning fit.

    • RoboMonkey Says:

      I think one of the things that led to the argument was the reference to Michelle Obama as a “wookiee”. I fully agreed with Charles that this was insulting, since it was obviously meant to be insulting, but I failed to see how that was ipso facto evidence of racism. One of his mewling lapdogs said that it was obviously racism to compare Michelle to Chewbacca because Chewbacca was a villain in Star Wars. Umm, no he wasn’t… and this also ignored the several years that we had to listen to references to “Darth Cheney”. In my opinion, nothing done to the Obamas can possibly be considered racist if the same things were done to the Bush, Cheney, Palin, et al. It’s only racism if you’re being treated differently because of your race, not if you’re being treated like every other politician you thin-skinned bastards.

      Sharmuta: And it’s real cute how folks are still more upset by Killgore than they are at crap like “klingon”.

      JamesTKirk: Probably because “n***r”, unlike “Klingon”, really IS a racist word.

      I think “Insulting” ≠ “Racist” was my last posted comment there, directly in response to Charles, who got sick of downdinging me (and making his minions do likewise) and dropped the hammer. I left at that point, but found out I was banned the next time I tried to log in.

  3. pirahna Says:

    Amusing, ’cause Turks don’t worry about skin color…but don’t get them started on Arabs or Greeks!

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