And Now, For Something Completely Different

After including/plugging Day By Day and Diversity Lane in previous blog entries, I decided to add a separate block of links over on the right sidebar (under the “Blogroll” section) with different comics (normal daily or otherwise regular ongoing comic strips, and also political cartoons) which are both amusing and well-written (the most important thing) but also support (or, at least, fail to offend) conservative sensibilities. The example above is by Jerry Holbert at The Boston Herald. Feel free to peruse these links when you need a laugh (which happens more and more often lately), or bookmark them on your system if you want to follow them regularly.

Suggestions are always welcome if you’ve got a strip/cartoonist you think I’ll enjoy/include. (I already have a long list of comics I real daily to go through, though I don’t think most of them will make the cut to appear here.)

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