Copenhagen Flatulence Awards

The Toronto Sun provided a rare (for the MSM!) counterpoint to the coverage of Hopenchangen in Copenhagen by handing out their own awards (H/T FinallyFree at SS&C)

Now that the enviro nuts have finished handing out their “Fossil of the Day” and “Colossal Fossil” awards, unfairly smearing Canada at the just-completed Copenhagen climate summit, let’s return the favour with some well-deserved honours of our own. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we present the Copenhagen Flatulence Awards, honouring those who raised the art of generating hot air and gassy emissions to new intensity levels during the UN-sponsored festival of indignation…

It’s no surprise that a slight majority (five out of nine) went to Canadians, but (Spoiler!) Al Gore got the first one.

(P.S. There’s no truth to the “rumour” that those extra U’s that the Brits, Canadians, and Aussies insist on sticking into perfectly good words like “favor” and “honor” are also contributors to global warming.)

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