B+? Try BS!

We’re all aware of how the educational establishment has been completely rotted from within by, among other things, the primacy of “self-esteem” over actual accomplishments. It’s no longer possible in many schools to give a student a failing grade, much less hold them back for a year, for fear of “stigmatizing” them and shattering their fragile (if unearned) senses of self-worth. Well, apparently the next step in the process is to do away with the adults altogether and just let the “special education” students assign themselves a grade – at least, that’s where things are trending if you follow what used to be called the “learning process” of the first year of the Presidency (which is only possible with the politician in question is willing to admit to others – and himself – that he actually has things to learn, as opposed to merely offering “teaching moments” to other people). President Obama, speaking with his high priestess Oprah Winfrey, was asked to grade his first year in office.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama, in an interview that aired Sunday, gave himself “a good solid B-plus” grade for his first year in office. Speaking with fellow Chicagoan Oprah Winfrey, the president claimed progress on economic and international fronts.

I am at a loss to think of a single economic or international gesture which Obama has made (often using a single finger) which could be regarded as “progress” or even remotely in the general direction of “a success”. Cash for Clunkers? A joke. The massive solid-pork Stimulus that had to be rushed through unread to prevent unemployment from reaching eight percent? Unemployment exceeded double that amount and remains there, despite endless MSM cheerleading about the recovery that’s just about to start tomorrow (always tomorrow). Cap and Trade crashed and burned even before Climategate, Health Care is struggling to get anywhere in a Congress where both houses are controlled by huge majorities of the President’s own party and the so-called “opposition” party barely is. He’s appointing unaccountable (and completely Unconstitutional) “czars” because even his own party wouldn’t confirm these people for his Cabinet. How many of them would be re-elected if they confirmed a NAMBLA Proponent like Kevin Jennings to the Department of Education? And this is just domestically. In half the countries Obama visits, his appearance is a complete bowing and scraping joke – and those are the good visits. Obama couldn’t be doing a better job of blatantly insulting our European allies if he were deliberately trying (I’m making the charitable assumption that he isn’t).

Obama said the only thing that stands in the way of giving himself a better grade is the fact that some elements of his agenda – health care reform and putting more Americans to work – remain undone. “The biggest burden on me right now is that economic growth has happened, but job growth has not happened,” Obama told Winfrey on the ABC special.

Amazing how the fact that Depression-level amounts of people are out of work only merits a deduction from an “A” to a “B+” in Obama’s swollen self-view. As for health care “reform”, the only good thing one can say about that monstrosity is that it hasn’t passed yet. The majority of Americans want absolutely nothing to do with it, and the socialists in Congress and Obama’s Administration are completely intent on ramming it down their throats anyway. Actually getting any part of out health care dependent upon Government efficiency would, in and of itself, constitute a failing grade for Obama’s presidency regardless of what else he did (or failed to) accomplish – in the minds of any sane person.

On the plus side, Obama said, “We are on our way out of Iraq.” And, he added, “I think we’ve got the best possible plan for Afghanistan.”

Obama has no right to claim any credit (or intelligence) for anything regarding Iraq. He claimed we didn’t belong there in the first place, that we couldn’t possibly win, that the surge would never work, that OK things are better but it had nothing to do whatsoever with the surge or anything else the US (i.e. Bush) did, and so on, and so forth. In his campaign he insisted that Afghanistan was the only place we belonged, and the war we should be fighting… and then he dithered for months, ignoring the advice of anyone who actually knew what they were talking about, before making a half-assed decision the pleased no one. Having done so, he’s already moved on and probably won’t give another thought to Afghanistan until sometime next year – which would actually be a good thing, if only he’d revise the retarded Rules Of Engagement before he moved on.

It’s bad enough when the media and the Nobel Prize Committee heap completely deluded and unearned laurels at the feet of our Messiah-in-Chief. That’s just nauseating. But for the President of the United States himself to have so slim a grasp of honesty and reality – that’s downright dangerous. For himself, for America, and for the whole world.

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