Much Explained

Obama’s support and poll numbers continue to not so much fly as plummet. Right now 44% would rather have Bush back than Obama. Despite everything the mainstream media keep misreporting about her and all of the other dirt (including Hustler releasing as many porno movie parodies of her that they can shoot) even Sarah Palin is only one point away from Obama. Twenty percent of Americans “support the impeachment of President Obama for his actions so far.” And the trend for Obama’s popularity and “prestige” continues to be down, down, down, with no bottom in sight.

And yet, there are still those hardcore supporters who think that Obama is the best President ever. Who think he’s the Messiah, who think he deserved the admittedly already-devalued Nobel Peace Prize. Who continue to look upon Him and see all of their hopes and dreams come true. How do you explain this group of people? Drugs and more drugs!

(H/T: Hayseed)

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